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Preventive wellness monitoring and re-balancing 7 energy centers and 49 reflex zones to bring the client optimal health.
Breathe? Essential Screen are a natural and non-invasive diagnostic tool that measures the amount of viable energy required to keep the body working optimally.

A detailed report of the body's current energetic state summarizes what organ systems are weak, optimal, and/or overactive. Clients are then instructed on natural ways to address any energetic deficiency and improve upon lifestyle choices critical to health & wellness.

BreatheThermae is a multi-dimensional wellness company that identifies and treats imbalances at their root source with Breathe? our proprietary, cutting-edge technology and comprehensive diagnostic testing. Learn more about how to naturally resolve persistent symptoms with affordable Personalized Wellness Plans. We provide Lifestyle Modifications, Nutritional & Supplement Guidance, and a multitude of natural products and services, created through the lens of Quantum Science and Ancient Global Whole-Medicine paradigms.