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It all began with 2 guys having a conversation. In 2020, during one of the worst times in America (and the world), Mark Tadros and Tony Marchese, decided they should bring the wonderful local produce of Coachella Valley directly to consumers. Both being in the food industry, Mark a local farmer himself and Tony a restaurateur, put their heads together and made this box happen quickly!

After long hours and planning sessions, CV Harvest box was born! We are constantly improving, learning and growing, so any and all of your feedback is appreciated. But one thing we keep at our core is to help the local farmers and the local community. Farmers are taking a hit now too, but if we can provide some of their excess produce directly to you, all while keeping you at home and safe, then that's how we keep this thing going!

CV Harvest Box will continue to grow. We will add new products to our mix, and we will continue offering produce from some of the best farms in the Coachella Valley, embracing the buy local revolution, and more fully serving our local community and farmers.

Our mission is to build and empower our community through advocacy, education and accessibility to our local farms. We aim to make you, the valley's residents, a part of our food system through weekly home deliveries of fresh, local, and sustainable produce and food. With your support, we are able to provide this at fair prices, and create a sustainable relationship with our valley’s agricultural partners, making our community and economy stronger!

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